Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weather Photos

I've always been a big fan of weather photography and video. In terms of photogenicity, one of my favorite types of cloud formations is Mammatus Clouds. They can typically associated with extreme weather, and can usually been seen after a strong storm has passed through an area (although this is not always the case).

Mammatus clouds typically form when the updraft of a storm is exceptionally moist, producing large quantities of ice as it rises. As the ice crystals fall out  of a storm's anvil, they begin to sublimate (change from solid to gas), creating small down drafts which cause a bulging of the clouds below them. As the sublimation continues the air downdrafts dissipate, creating clefts between the bulges. Both of these phenomena combine to produce the characteristic "breast-like" shape of a Mammatus cloud.  

Checkout the video above, it's a great example of Mammatus Clouds. Isn't the weather cool?

-Jeevan Padiyar

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